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How to use Twitter?

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Twitter has redefined media on the whole. It has created trends in the way people share news and updates. To be precise, Twitter is your localized and personalized newspaper.

How to use Twitter?

Twitter as a platform is driven by knowledge not known by others around you. The most influential people in this network are those who actively share knowledge with their followers. Recruiters actively follow twitter to identify and recruit that smart person in the community.

Social media savvy recruiters tweet job vacancies and also @ people relevant for that job. This is not intended to literally hire but to gain attention of other followers.

Use hashtags to generate searchable #tweets. To be found use relevant hashtags around the recruitment trends. This shows you on the top recruitment searches.

What else could be done using Twitter?

Refer a friend when you find job tweets. Help recruiters find good talent from your network. This keeps you on the top in the talent list of smart recruiters. Twitter is a lot about contribution and announcement. Feel free to do this as much as possible.


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