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How to use Facebook?

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This is not a place for professionals! Then why should Executives spend their time on this platform? It is because it helps in brand building across other verticals in an informal manner.

How to use Facebook?

Almost all of us have Facebook profiles but the question is ‘Are we using it to be found?’. You may similar treatment on Facebook and Linkedin. Although on Facebook, it is more casual and easy penetration among interest groups.

Join relevant groups which are ‘open’ and have lot of activity. These groups conduct polls, quiz, surveys, discussions and interaction in unique formats meant for that group. Participate in such activity. This creates synergy among like minded individuals and you get to meet opportunities as people.

Facebook allows you to follow people you wish to, without being their friend. Use it to learn more from every corner around the world. People welcome followers more than friends and hence encourage quick activity with followers than friends.

Discover communities. Many niche communities are self emerging on Facebook. Smart and employee centric firms are hosting communities around various social and industry concerns. Join them and get a sense of their culture even before you join.

What else could be done using Facebook?

Network over industry events. Lot of unconference events are publicized on Facebook. These events are open to public. Follow these events and network with associates who can contribute to your growth.


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